Men's Lightweight Slipper-Boot

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The heritage-style construction slipper looks like a rugged beauty, but feels like soft moss in a field full of daisies. A side zipper gets you in and out in seconds. Dress them up or down, and be blown away by the lightweight feel. They literally float on water.

Slipper-Boots run true to size. If you are in between sizes, or sometimes wear a half-size in other brands, choose the next size up.

Pro tip: zip them up just shy of the top for a more relaxed fit.

STRETCH LACES: every step is smooth as silk
SIDE ZIPPER: get them on your feet in seconds
SOFT-WOOL LINING: stay warm and dry
FEATHERWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: so light they float on water

Side zipper

EASY on. EASY off.

Stretch Laces

every step is smooth as silk

yoga mat insoles

Cushioning that's designed to be comfortable under pressure

Soft-wool lining

Keeps you warm and dry

Featherweight Construction

So light they float on water



These surprisingly became my daily go-to with many outfits; it's comfy to wear in the house and comfy AND stylish to wear outside the house.

Paul R.

Bought a pair and wasn't sure what to expect, but the fit was fantastic, a little snug, definitely more like a slipper than a shoe, but after wearing them for a few days they adjusted to my feet and fit perfectly. Great quality materials and super comfortable I will be buying another pair, because in these covid times wearing slippers everywhere without anyone knowing is perfect.

Carlos C.

I feel like Mr. Rogers. I go from putting these on the minute I wake up to taking them off the last thing I do at night. Only to put them back on immediately the next morning. I am on my fourth pair of these and have become known for them in a way. People always ask me where to find them and sadly are often sold out, but worth the wait til they restock.

Dan G.