Men's Slipper-Boot

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STRETCH LACES: every step is smooth as silk
SIDE ZIPPER: get them on your feet in seconds
SOFT-WOOL LINING: stay warm and dry
FEATHERWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: so light they float on water

TIME Slippers run true to size. If you are in between sizes, or sometimes wear a half-size in other brands, choose the next size up.

It's ok if your slippers feel slightly snug at first. The uppers will relax and mold to you foot after a few days.

Side zipper

EASY on. EASY off.

Stretch Laces

every step is smooth as silk

yoga mat insoles

Cushioning that's designed to be comfortable under pressure

Soft-wool lining

Keeps you warm and dry

Featherweight Construction

So light they float on water



These surprisingly became my daily go-to with many outfits; it's comfy to wear in the house and comfy AND stylish to wear outside the house.

Paul R.

Bought a pair and wasn't sure what to expect, but the fit was fantastic, a little snug, definitely more like a slipper than a shoe, but after wearing them for a few days they adjusted to my feet and fit perfectly. Great quality materials and super comfortable I will be buying another pair, because in these covid times wearing slippers everywhere without anyone knowing is perfect.

Carlos C.

I feel like Mr. Rogers. I go from putting these on the minute I wake up to taking them off the last thing I do at night. Only to put them back on immediately the next morning. I am on my fourth pair of these and have become known for them in a way. People always ask me where to find them and sadly are often sold out, but worth the wait til they restock.

Dan G.

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