Refund Policy

Didn't work out? No problem. Return your items within 30 days in the same condition they were shipped, and we'll give you a refund. Simple as that.  You can submit your refund request here: TIME SLIPPERS RETURNS. Please allow up to three weeks for your return to be processed. PLEASE NOTE: if you return slippers that are dirty or damaged, you will not receive a refund. To ensure that you are most likely to receive a refund, it is recommended that you try your slippers on a carpet to make sure they fit before using them. 

SALE ITEMS: At this time we do not offer returns or exchanges for items that are listed on sale. All purchases of sale items are final. (Sale items are products that are shown as a mark down or have the word "SALE" posted below it on the Shop Men or Shop Women pages). Discounts applied at checkout to regularly priced products are still eligible for free returns and exchanges). If you are unsure if an item is on sale, please contact us before purchasing at info [at] time slippers [dot] com

If you would like to exchange your product for a new one, it's best to submit the product you want to send back as a full return and reorder the product you would like to receive. This avoids having to wait while we process the items you send back, and avoids inventory discrepancies as well.

We ask that you use the returns link above and reorder the items you would like to receive in exchange. If you have any trouble at all, please feel free to reach out to  info [at] time slippers [dot] com.

Orders outside of the US will be charged a $35 shipping fee. The customer shall pay any import duties, customs dues, value added tax and any other taxes payable according to the laws of the country into which the order is received. denies all legal responsibility for a customer’s unpaid taxes and duties.

(We are currently unable to offer free shipping and returns outside of the United States. We apologize for the inconvenience to our international customers.)

If you have any trouble or questions, contact us at info [at] time slippers [dot] com and we’ll help you with whatever you need.