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Slippers designed with style. Comfort while you're gaming, or when you're afk. Either way, the following luxury features come standard:

-Collapsible Heel: Wear them as a traditional slipper, or flip the heel up for a more secure fit

-Yoga Mat Insoles: Cushioning that's designed to be comfortable under pressure

-10mm Stretch Laces: They expand so you can slip-on in seconds

-Premium Leather, Suede or Merino uppers: Butter soft and flexible

-Plush Wool Lining: 10mm of plush wool wicks moisture to keep you warm and dry

-Flexible Outsoles: Flex with the natural movement of your foot so you feel like you're gliding on air

TIME Slippers fit true to size. If you are in between sizes, choose the next size up.

The elastic laces and general flexibility of TIME slippers allow the uppers to form to your feet. For this reason we only carry half-sizes in women's slippers, and whole-sizes in men's. Your slippers should feel slightly tight at first. After about two weeks of use, the uppers will relax and mold to your foot for a perfect fit. Do not go up or down more than a half-size from your average size in other brands

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Crash heel

yoga mat insoles

10mm stretch laces

Plush wool lining

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This is my second pair of Time low tops. Hands down the best , sturdiest, most comfortable and stylish slips I’ve ever owned.

Grant T.
Los Angeles, CA

I live in these. Literally.I feel like Mr. Rogers. I go from putting these on the minute I wake up to taking them off the last thing I do at night. Only to put them back on immediately the next morning. I am on my fourth pair of these and have become known for them in a way. People always ask me where to find them and sadly are often sold out, but worth the wait til they restock.

Dan I.

Great, I wear my Time Slippers for hours every day as I work from home. After a year of daily wear, they don’t stink, didn’t stretch out past a snug fit, and they look like new still. Worth the cost.

Aaron Y.

Greatest. Wear them everyday

Amy M.

Awesome as always. i have many pairs of time slippers. fantastic. really comfortable.

Michael R.