TIME Slippers Reviews


Love These Shoes/Slippers
"Overall, these shoes are so comfortable that I cannot tell if they are slippers or shoes. Plus i love the elastic heal that you can either slip your feet in and wear it like a slipper, or put it over your heel, and you have the best tennies ever on!!"
Love them!
"I’m going to get them in all colors. Extremely comfortable 😀"
Initially ordered wrong size...
"Of High top black leather shoes. I infomed timeless customer service and they were very helpful. Printed out return slip and ordered new bigger pair. Replacement was seemless and hassle free. New pair fits great!"
"Super flexible and comfortable!"
Yamen A.
comfy & cool
"These shoes are super comfortable, but be warned: you might be a bit toasty in the summer. Love the look of them, though I wish the back had a zipper instead of velcro."
Great shoes!
"Love these shoes! Fit is true to size and so comfortable!"
Love how they look and
"Love how they look and they are super comfortable. "
Comfy AF
"They look, feel and fit great. When I wear them out and about and friends and family complement my "shoes". I gotta then show them that they're actually slippers, which makes them even cooler. Thank you and keep up the great work."
El Coyote
Mid height slippers - very versatile and comfortable
"Been wearing them to work and feet feel great at end of day. Interesting look. Highly recommend."
Jack S.
Fashionable indoor/outdoor kicks
"These look great, fit great, are plenty comfortable and can be worn outside the home to run errands but are not a shoe replacement"
Brendan R.
warm and super comfy kicks
"I absolutely love wearing these shoes. i have the black and white pair. i wear them on weekends and even to work. it was a bit of money for an unfamiliar brand but these shoes are worth it. the quality is there."
lisa l.
Amazing slippers!
"This is my second pair. They fit just right and I wear them EVERYWHERE. I highly recommend!"
Dani M.
Love Them!
"The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn in my life!"
Joe C.
Really Comfortable Slippers
"Very happy with my purchase. The slippers arrived in just a few days and fit perfectly. "
Sooo comfortable!
"To sum it up: I have these moments through out the course of my day when this thought hits me “Oh my God, my feet feel great!” I wouldn’t want to have to walk any long distance in them, but as a casual walking around shoe they are fantastic! I definitely am and will be recommending them. "
Cliff M.
Great knock-around shoes!
"These are the only high top style footwear I've ever owned that I could easily get in and out of. The soles are very flexible and gives me more articulation than I normally expect. The leather really makes them look premium! The only thing that kept it from getting a full 5 stars is the my heels do get a little sore after a full day of walking in an urban setting. Maybe a future revision can add a bit more impact absorption in key areas without sacrificing flexibility."
Curtis N.
Great Shoes
"Comfortable, stylish, relatively affordable shoes. Will be a customer again in the future. "
"Love them. SO comfortable. I never want to take them off! "
Enjoying the TIME in my new slippers!!!
"These Slippers are great! Comfortable, easy to wear and look good. No marks on the floors, easy to get on and off and fit great. Very pleased!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable shoe. "
Haven’t taken them off since they arrived!
"These are almost too comfy- my other shoes are getting jealous. Only complaint is that my feet get hot if the weather is warm and I HATE hot feet, so they might not get as much wear during the summer. But I love them so so so much that sometimes I have to remember to take them off before I got to bed."
Great concept & product!
"My new ‘round the house shoes! "
Bob R.
most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn
"exceptionally good…U keep making ‘em and I’ll keep buying ‘em…."
danny j.
Holy comfort!
"I absolutely LOVE my time slippers. They are incredibly easy to slip in and off without having to worry about them slipping off or losing them when causally walking with them. They look super stylish. The comfort level is insane. I just love everything about them. Super excited to see what else you guys put out. TIME SLIPPERS ROCK!"
Robby s.
Awesome Kicks!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Have had them for over a month and except for a couple of dressy events, I’ve literally worn them everyday. The most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn. Great job, TIME Slippers! Please come out with more low top, leather options! Maybe multi colored?! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼"
Robert D.
Amazing product so great that I own 4 pairs
"Love them and couldn’t have more praise for both the quality of the product as well as the excellent customer service. They really go out of their way to make sure I was happy with the product even when I had an issue with the wear. They went ahead and refunded my next order and essentially gave me a free pair for my loyalty. I recommend them to all my friends and love the comfort and design."
Nam B.
Great Slippers
"Helps keep my ankles from turning in/out. Comfortable fit. Looks nice, too."
Larry Q.
Best athletic tradeshow/instructor shoe!
"These have been great to have on the road for fitness trade shows. Super comfortable for standing in all day and athletic enough for demos when I teach."
Tiffany H.
Hi top men’s
"Great! Very comfortable and highly recommended. "
I Love These
"These slippers are fresh to death."
Elliott K.
Best slippers
"I never want to take them off they’re stylish and comfortable."
Meloni M.