TIME Slippers Reviews


"I love shoes- not Imelda Marcos love but close enough. My boyfriend doesn’t love shoes however as he’s far more pragmatic than I and insists his shoes actually be comfortable AND good for his feet...so he has been wearing these things I’ll loosely call “shoes”. He’s one step away from those toe sneaker things that you find at REI. Needless to say I just tried to avoid looking down when we were out in public. Then I saw these and hoped he go for it- but he’s tough to buy for and so my hope was slim. Not only are they fantastic looking but he LOVES how they feel! The lining is so delicious- warm and cool- at the same time! Flexible and no weird seams or stress points. Now the only problem is that they are sold out of his size as he wants several pair! He’s worn them every day since Xmas! Now we are both happy!!!!"
Gabby O’Neill
Best slippers/shoes ever
"I loved my first black leather pair so much I bought some arch inserts and wear outside as shoes (not for really substantial walks but fine for a regular day). I got these new blue wool ones as house slippers and love them just as much."
Judith S.
Amazing Shoes
"My sister and I both have plantar fasciitis and these shoes are the most comfortable and stylish things we’ve ever owned. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "
"These socks ( I purchased the low ) are incredibly comfortable ! They hug your feet & actually feel like they provide support!! Best part...THEY DON’T SLIP OFF !! I’m a woman’s size 7 shoe & the small fits perfectly !!! You will be so happy with this purchase !!"
Most comfortable shoes i probably worn in my life.
"Amazing! They are desgined great, look great and feel even better. Truly one of the best shoes i ever had."
Erez R.
Best Purchase of 2018
"I absolutely LOVE these shoes. They’re convenient, well made, and durable. I also love that they go well with most outfits. Definitely highly recommend them! "
Ashley C.
Love, Love, LOVE all of my slippers!
"I have nothing but the highest praise for these shoes. I have purchased low tops and high tops and I am thrilled with both types! The comfort level is as promised and my feet loved them from the first minute I put every pair on. I broke my foot two years ago, and after the therapy, have tried so many different brands and types of casual sneakers. I had so much money invested and had really not found the "right" ones - until NOW! I have put your slippers on right from the box and run out for the entire day, and I never ONCE thought about my feet! I have at least 4 pairs and I'm sure I'll need more going forward. I wear all of them, year round, without socks and I just love them. I hope that you and your shoes will be around for many years to come!"
Bobbie K.
Love Them
"Super comfy and versatile. True to size."
Danya F.
Highly recommend Ti:ME “slippers “
"I now have five TI:ME slippers. Wear them inside and out. Comfortable and best of all quality material and workmanship. Oh, and you don’t have to fuss with tying laces!!!"
Alexander R.
"I love my time slippers. They are so comfortable and warm I wear them every day!!"
elizabeth S.
The most comfortable shoe I own!
"I received my Time Slippers a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical at first (it is my nature) but was at the same time excited about trying shoes with leather upper and warm lining. I am a Pilates instructor and spend hours standing on hardwood floors in the studio. I needed a shoe that I could easily take off if I had to demonstrate an exercise and at the same time be warm enough to keep my feet warm all day. Time Slippers are so much more than my studio shoes now! Yes, they are perfect for when I am teaching but at the same time they are comfortable and cute to wear around the town when running errands. My feet feel so relaxed and cozy! Important note: after the reading the reviews about the size I decided to size down and it was definitely the right choice. Normally I wear size 7-7.5 in all shoes and my feet are narrow. I went with size 6.5 in Time Slippers and it's just the perfect fit for me. I really look forward to slipping my feet into Time Slippers every day now!"
Anastasiya Goers
Beyond Amazing!
"Quality, quality, quality! I was blown away by the impeccable craftsmanship and quality materials. Since my husband and I live in our TI:ME slippers we were excited to hear we could get some for the little guys as well. We start and end each day with our matching slippers. The elastic laces makes for easy on and off, not that I can get my 21 month old to take his off and the fit for our newest member (size 0-6m) is perfect. I’d highly recommend them! "
Very flexible customer support
"I had to order and reorder because of size issues and Cathy at Customer Support was a model of flexibility and helpfulness. Some of the best customer service I've ever encountered!"
Michael S.
classy comfort
"They are great, my husband is a big slipper wearer, he looks sleek and he loves the way they feel- big fans at our house!"
Samia T.
Loved these things
"I have smaller feet and so I had to order a woman's size. Glad to say they are amazing! I love these things sooo. much. "
"These are my new go-to workout sock! They are seriously the best. Nice and cushy, and they never slip down into my shoe! "
Super comfy
"Next time I would get half cabs. These are perfect."
erin b.
Love my Hi-top Slippers
"Awesome. I plan to order more soon."
"These are the cutest! I can’t wait to get these so the whole family can match!!"
I wear them every day!
"It’s literally the most comfortable shoes! I want more!"
Cindy N.
Purchase of women’s low blk leather
"Love them! I own the mid rise blk leather. So purchased the low rise. I also ordered the white mid rise. Haven’t received them yet Most comfortable sneakers. Have already recommended to my friends. My girlfriend bought the blk mid rise leather. "
The World’s Most Superior Slipper/Footwear
"I own a pair of the high tops and a pair of the low tops. I wear them all the time and nearly everywhere. I’m normally a pretty healthy person, but recently had to stay in the hospital - a LOT - and the TIME Slippers were invaluable. It’s hard enough to look cool in those hospital gowns, but add in the socks they “issue” you and you’re doomed. My low tops kept my feet off that nasty floor and helped retain some level of dignity! LOL"
Ben L.
Amazing Shoes!!
"They are perfect for everything. THANK YOU Time Slippers. "
So comfy!
"Love my Timeslippers -- the low tops are amazing. Super comfortable and look great. I wear them in the house and out. You won't regret buying these and will never take them off!"
Scott T.
Comfy, lovely shoes
"I love these shoes. I need a lot of arch support, so winter boots never work. My Time slippers are as warm and cozy as winter boots with a more snug fit. I put arch supports if I’m going to be out and about and walking for a bit. Oh, did I mention that they are sooo cute and cool, with nice leather and great design and construction? "
Cristina K.
"Only shoes I wear and gift. "
Yolanda S.
I wear these every morning
"I have three pairs of Time slippers. I got these in the cream wool and they are my everyday house slipper. These are the only pair I do not wear outside the house because I got them specifically to wear lazing about the house. Super warm and comfortable! I’m definitely a fan."
Tabatha Dean
These are my favorite!
"I own all three different heights on these slippers. The low tops are by far my favorite! Words cannot describe just how comfortable these are. I have received so many compliments when I wear them out as shoes. Nobody has to know I wear slippers outside the house, right?"
Tabatha D.
LOVE THESE SHOES ... I mean "slippers."
"I wear the black wool ones to work, and my kids have taken to wearing theirs to school. They are so comfy, it's like wearing those Keds you used to wear when you were a toddler. Soft and squishy, but not too squishy. Also, they have pretty good grip on a basketball court."
Clinton P.
"Unexpected comfort. Not my day sneakers but my casual go to universal warm and cozy slip on!"
Hillary s.