TIME Slippers Reviews


Enjoying the TIME in my new slippers!!!
"These Slippers are great! Comfortable, easy to wear and look good. No marks on the floors, easy to get on and off and fit great. Very pleased!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a comfortable shoe. "
Haven’t taken them off since they arrived!
"These are almost too comfy- my other shoes are getting jealous. Only complaint is that my feet get hot if the weather is warm and I HATE hot feet, so they might not get as much wear during the summer. But I love them so so so much that sometimes I have to remember to take them off before I got to bed."
Great concept & product!
"My new ‘round the house shoes! "
Bob R.
most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn
"exceptionally good…U keep making ‘em and I’ll keep buying ‘em…."
danny j.
Holy comfort!
"I absolutely LOVE my time slippers. They are incredibly easy to slip in and off without having to worry about them slipping off or losing them when causally walking with them. They look super stylish. The comfort level is insane. I just love everything about them. Super excited to see what else you guys put out. TIME SLIPPERS ROCK!"
Robby s.
Awesome Kicks!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
"Have had them for over a month and except for a couple of dressy events, I’ve literally worn them everyday. The most comfortable shoes that I’ve ever worn. Great job, TIME Slippers! Please come out with more low top, leather options! Maybe multi colored?! 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼"
Robert D.
Amazing product so great that I own 4 pairs
"Love them and couldn’t have more praise for both the quality of the product as well as the excellent customer service. They really go out of their way to make sure I was happy with the product even when I had an issue with the wear. They went ahead and refunded my next order and essentially gave me a free pair for my loyalty. I recommend them to all my friends and love the comfort and design."
Nam B.
Great Slippers
"Helps keep my ankles from turning in/out. Comfortable fit. Looks nice, too."
Larry Q.
Best athletic tradeshow/instructor shoe!
"These have been great to have on the road for fitness trade shows. Super comfortable for standing in all day and athletic enough for demos when I teach."
Tiffany H.
Hi top men’s
"Great! Very comfortable and highly recommended. "
I Love These
"These slippers are fresh to death."
Elliott K.
Best slippers
"I never want to take them off they’re stylish and comfortable."
Meloni M.
How have I survived without these?
"I cannot recommend these enough. The inside is fuzzy like a slipper but they look like sneakers. I love that the back is meant to collapse which will make these a go-to for travel. They run true to size, and while I occasionally have trouble with shoes being too narrow (I have wide feet) they fit great! Anyone who travels a lot and is looking for a casual/comfortable but trendy look should strongly consider getting these! "
Most comfortable footwear ever
"I wear my TIME slippers almost daily. I also rave to friends, family, and anyone who will listen because I have never found a pair of shoes as versatile and comfortable. The only minor "issue" I have had is keeping the Velcro attached. Every now and again the strap comes undone which is an easy fix, but perhaps a future version would have a back zipper option. Prior to purchasing, I was skeptical reading all of the 4 and 5-star rated reviews and rarely (if ever) personally write reviews. You will not regret this purchase, these slippers are amazing."
Erika C.
Love them
"They are so comfortable and they look great on. I could wear them every day."
Love these sneakers!!!!!!
"Have not worn another pair of shoes since I purchased them!"
Heidi V.
I love them
"They are comfy, stylish,ingenious (back up or down, brilliant). If they hold up i will never wear any other"
“TIME” to relax
"I have spent 27 yrs. as a fireman. I have had several pairs of “house” shoes, but after being in boots all day, TIME slippers are the most comfortable, relaxing shoes I’ve ever put on."
Love them!
"When I first got them, they felt like they were sized similar to Nike (at least in 13s). After wearing them around the house for about an hour, the wool upper stretched to fit perfectly and now I can't stop wearing them. Very breathable but still warm. I've also got quite a few compliments on their look."
Jeremy M.
Love them
"They are comfortable and stylish and absolutely love them"
Ramin R.
Most comfortable shoes ever
"I bought these as a gift for my boyfriend and he LOVES them. He said they are super comfy. "
Kimberley O.
Awesomely comfortable, cool and fun to wear
"Totally satisfied!"
Juliann J.
Super comfortable and stylish
"Great experience so far. They arrived quickly and I put them on immediately without socks. My feet were super comfortable and as high tops, they are easy to put on and take off without having to deal with laces. These replaced my Ash leather hi-tops which I loved because they had Velcro straps. Love these even more and will like get another power in a different color. I will say that they run bigger than the states size by probably half a size but otherwise love the product. "
"When the shoes first arrived they were way too tight on all sides. I did not want to wait the 2 weeks for the shoes to streach so I shoved the paper stuffing in the shoes overnight. In the morning they were perfect! I recommended the shoes to everyone. Oh yeah and they're crazy comfy."
"So far so good tried them on last night they were a little tight, But now they feel comfortable. Attractive, even my 19 year old liked them."
Very comfortable and stylish!
"Bought these for my husband and he loves them. They are mostly cnvenient and time saving for him since he can easily take them off at the golf course to put on his golf shoes that he won’t wear around because they wear the spikes down so this is quick and easy as well as comfortable and cool looking! Win for both because I don’t have to complain about how long it is taking for him to change them... lol."
Eve F.
Women’s midtop “slippers”
"I love my “slippers” but are they really slippers? I wear them as my everyday shoe. They are comfortable, durable, and look great too. I love that they just slip on. It’s such a simple feature but I love it! I haven’t had slip on shoes since I was a kid. I have been missing out!"
Rebecca K.
It’s awesome!!!
"I love these shoes!! They are so comfortable. The only thing is needing a tiny bit more arch support."
Kini C.
Very comfy
"They are really comfortable and I like the style a lot. Already recommended to friends. For the mid-top style I'd advise to redesign the strap in the back making it a bit longer and better padded on the inside. "
Luciano M.
Love it
"They were awesome"
Miguel E.