TIME Slippers Reviews


Daily Use
"What's so great about these is that you can wear them daily, and not just inside. I wear these everyday and they act and perform like sneakers but feel like Slippers. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't go hiking or play basketball in them but for a normal office job with a walk to and from a subway or something like that is perfect. "
Best shoes ever!
"These are my primary shoes these days. I've owned many other designers brands like common projects, burberry, gucci, prada, etc and dont compare. Now all of my other sneakers just stay in my closet and I just wear these. Only thing I think that could be improved would be the wool insoles. They will slowly come off."
Zhen W.
My second pair
"I just don’t understand why all shoes can’t be this comfortable! The first pair I bought (black leather, sold out now) I wear as cute sneakers. I’ve traveled in them, worn them everywhere. This second pair I bought to wear solely around the house. I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I needed a pair with clean soles. MAKE MORE STYLES I WILL BUY THEM ALL!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️"
Jessica S.
"These are glorious. I hate the pajamas-in-the-airport look, even on long flights I like to stay classy. These are perfect for everything. Beautiful shoes, and I was comfortable in 4 different airports and 5 different cities. I’m in love, buying a second pair."
Jessica S.
"I’m never taking them off. "
Super Comfortable
"I put them right on as instructed and wore them around the house for the night, they fit great right away and since I read ahead ;-) I ordered a size above my normal fit"
My favorite sneakers
"The sneakers are wonderful and I wear them constantly, I wish there was a way to replace the yoga mat footbeds after they are worn out. Still a repeat buyer!"
Love my slippers
"Very good - really enjoy the design, style and comfort but would love it if they had just a little more support - like to wear them a lot but could be a little more of a shoe insole and just a little less soft. Thank you for a great product."
Best slippers/sneakers ever
"I first bought a pair of these for my boyfriend and he absolutely loved them. After putting his on briefly for a few trips to the laundry room, I knew I needed my own. These slippers are so comfortable, and easy to get on and off, while still being super secure with the elastic backs pulled up. I got the brown and black pair for myself and I absolutely love them."
Alison C.
Cool Comfort
"Very comfortable footwear and surprisingly durable. Not recommended for long periods, standing as they lack adequate support. Overall, stylish and comfy for everyday casual wear. "
A little narrow for me
"These looked great and very high quality - but I have a wide forefoot and these were just a little narrow for me. I may try the lower style to see if it's the same, because these did look awesome, but I was worried they wouldn't stretch enough side to side. Had to send them back unfortunately. "
my old dad loves them - has 3 pairs now
"so i saw these and bought a pair for my dad who really has trouble putting on his own shoes, with the bending down and even the sliding in - its all a chore for him. anyway he loves these. the black ones look great and he now has two pairs of the black leather. he wears them with casual wear and suits - it still looks fly. i also bought him the blue pair. these shoes are so great for old men, more color options would be great, especially more leather colors (green, grey, blue leather) thanks"
angela e.
Love These Shoes/Slippers
"Overall, these shoes are so comfortable that I cannot tell if they are slippers or shoes. Plus i love the elastic heal that you can either slip your feet in and wear it like a slipper, or put it over your heel, and you have the best tennies ever on!!"
Love them!
"I’m going to get them in all colors. Extremely comfortable 😀"
Initially ordered wrong size...
"Of High top black leather shoes. I infomed timeless customer service and they were very helpful. Printed out return slip and ordered new bigger pair. Replacement was seemless and hassle free. New pair fits great!"
"Super flexible and comfortable!"
Yamen A.
comfy & cool
"These shoes are super comfortable, but be warned: you might be a bit toasty in the summer. Love the look of them, though I wish the back had a zipper instead of velcro."
Great shoes!
"Love these shoes! Fit is true to size and so comfortable!"
Love how they look and
"Love how they look and they are super comfortable. "
Comfy AF
"They look, feel and fit great. When I wear them out and about and friends and family complement my "shoes". I gotta then show them that they're actually slippers, which makes them even cooler. Thank you and keep up the great work."
El Coyote
Mid height slippers - very versatile and comfortable
"Been wearing them to work and feet feel great at end of day. Interesting look. Highly recommend."
Jack S.
Fashionable indoor/outdoor kicks
"These look great, fit great, are plenty comfortable and can be worn outside the home to run errands but are not a shoe replacement"
Brendan R.
warm and super comfy kicks
"I absolutely love wearing these shoes. i have the black and white pair. i wear them on weekends and even to work. it was a bit of money for an unfamiliar brand but these shoes are worth it. the quality is there."
lisa l.
Amazing slippers!
"This is my second pair. They fit just right and I wear them EVERYWHERE. I highly recommend!"
Dani M.
Love Them!
"The most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn in my life!"
Joe C.
Really Comfortable Slippers
"Very happy with my purchase. The slippers arrived in just a few days and fit perfectly. "
Sooo comfortable!
"To sum it up: I have these moments through out the course of my day when this thought hits me “Oh my God, my feet feel great!” I wouldn’t want to have to walk any long distance in them, but as a casual walking around shoe they are fantastic! I definitely am and will be recommending them. "
Cliff M.
Great knock-around shoes!
"These are the only high top style footwear I've ever owned that I could easily get in and out of. The soles are very flexible and gives me more articulation than I normally expect. The leather really makes them look premium! The only thing that kept it from getting a full 5 stars is the my heels do get a little sore after a full day of walking in an urban setting. Maybe a future revision can add a bit more impact absorption in key areas without sacrificing flexibility."
Curtis N.
Great Shoes
"Comfortable, stylish, relatively affordable shoes. Will be a customer again in the future. "
"Love them. SO comfortable. I never want to take them off! "