TIME Slippers Reviews


Best fit!!!
"My left foot has a tendency to roll out as I walk. Because of this, most commercial brands are extremely uncomfortable. This is one of the most comfortable shoes I have found in a long time. I’m work in the beauty/ fashion business and it’s difficult to find current, comfortable shoes...Time Slippers has solved this problem for me. Thank you for such a great product. It has solved a major problem in my life!’"
Timothy S.
"Theshoesaregreatandverycomfortable "
All day every day
"These shoes were an amazing purchase. Really impressed."
Both my mom and my favorite shoes
"Comfortable, well made, stylish and perfect. Best shoes. "
Vanessa H.
"Can’t imagine life withhout them :)"
A must have!!!!
"So worth the spend! They are so warm and comfy and just super cool and stylish to wear with anything around the house!!"
"Love these shoes so much. Wear them every day inside and outside. "
Jennifer M.
Love these!
"I’ve worn them almost every day since they arrived! They’re so comfortable and go with everything. I only wish they came in 1/2 sizes as I’m a true 8 and the 8.5 is slightly big. "
Nicole G.
🔥seven stars
"I feel like you deserve 7 stars I’m not kidding I love these shoes so comfortable I dont feel like I’m wearing anything but socks. I wish u guys had a line of non slip working shoes I’d be the first in line"
Natalie L.
I love my TIME shoes!!!
"I love these shoes- super comfortable, warm, and stylish- I’ve gotten tons of compliments! I ordered a size too big to begin with, but the customer service, their response time, advice, and return process was seamless and wonderful. As one review had said before too, I did get some soreness from the wool rubbing at my ankle, but like them this went away after a couple wears. I’m definitely going to order again! "
Most comfortable shoes I own
"For real these are the warmest, most comfortable shoes I own. My girl gets mad at me because I leave my Yeezys at home all the time now and unless we are going somewhere super special I tend to rock these. Not that they couldnt pass for dress shoes in a pinch. The leather is excellent quality and the soles are memory foam and super duper soft. I call them my ninja shoes because they make my footsteps almost silent. The only thing I don't like is when the velcrow strap in back gets stuck on the wool inside when I'm trying to close them. Otherwise most epic shoe I own. "
All around great shoes!
"I am so happy with my Time Slippers purchase! These shoes are so comfortable, super cute & unique design - definitely designed for comfort & style. Such a great idea to incorporate the feeling of a yoga mat into shoes. These have to be so good for your feet. I will definitely be buying more!"
Judith Bolick Munday
So innovative!
"Super happy with my purchase. Really comfortable soles and the back, which can be configured to be more like a slipper or shoe, is just brilliant. Great job!!"
Ronald A.
Love my time slippers
"Very comfortable! "
"I am OBSESSED with my new slippers...they are fabulous! "
Tip top Mid-top slippers
"At first I just wore them around the house (they are called slippers after all) and they were so cosy and comfortable. Then, as the weather got colder, I thought - why not try to wear them out as they are so stylish with their white soles and warm. I received so many compliments such as “great sneaks”. They really look great with any kind of pant and I’ve worn them successfully with skirts. Plus the ease of getting them on and off (brilliant idea - no laces) and the soft leather. Just be protective of these lovely shoes and don’t wear them when it’s wet or snowing."
Janice E.
Most comfy ever
"Love these “shoes.” They are ridiculously comfortable. My go-to for wearing around the house and on casual days. Also perfect for travel. LOVE."
Great slippers.
"I love them! They can be used as slippers or casual shoes as well. Great for flying (which I do quite often)."
David A.
Top shelf
"I’m very very happy with my purchase, the slippers are innovative, comfortable, stylish and people constantly ask me about them... I would recommend them to everyone 😊"
Please make smaller!!!
"I would recommend this shoe hands down my only complaint is the sizing! The shoe runs big and only goes down to a 5.5 I’m normally a 6 but even the 5.5 is big! Would love to order a smaller shoe!!!"
Love wearing them.
"I've worn these to my job and loved driving in them. Really comfortable and I was even complimented on its look. I'm thinking about buying my second pair soon. A high top this time. "
Ramin P.
At last! (Sigh)
"Finally! A walking shoe that I am COMPLETELY comfortable in! Years of smashed toes or sore arches from shoes that don't fit right. I have narrow feet and I use orthotics. Ordered an 8.5, which is my normal size, and everything fits! Walking feels like I am on cloud 9 now! Worth every penny and cute too! One thing though...I wish the tongue would stay put. I am constantly pulling it up"
These things f*ck
"I love these slippers more than my first two children. They’re amazing and I am considering ordering more to wear as shoes. If you have $150 to your name the best possible choice is to buy TIME slippers. Trust me. "
Mike B.
Can’t take them off!
"I love these shoes. They’re getting more and more comfortable as I wear them more. "
Janna R.
Love these kicks!
"These shoes are great! This is my second pair. The first pair lasted much longer than I expected and are still used. They’ve been subject to hundreds of hours of dancing and have stayed comfortable and still looking good through. "
Daniel G.
So glad I bought these!
"Love my time slippers. So comfortable, nice quality- exactly what I was looking for!"
Great gift
"I purchased these slippers as a gift and he loved them. He raves about their comfort, style and convenience. "
Love these!
"My husbands favorite shoes- very comfortable and stylish "
My absolute favorite
"They look fantastic in the pictures but I didn't expect them to look so incredible on me in person. They have the look of high end fashion sneakers that run in the high hundreds, yet they are literally the just comfortable things I've ever worn on my feet, and with no break in time at all. As a new mom, I wanted something I could slip in and out of quickly but still keep my style and these fit the bill. They look great with leggings, joggers, and skinny jeans. My husband now wants a pair, and I'll likely get a second pair for myself soon. They keep my feet nice and dry, even without socks, and hold up to every day wear even outdoors so far. Love them."
Donna B.
Worth the money
"I never thought I would pay this much for a pair of slippers but these things are amazing. "
Mark R.