TIME Slippers Reviews


XLNT Slippers!
"Wow! I returned another company's "deluxe" slippers and bought TIME for the same price. What an improvement! These fit very well (true to size), are comfy, and the anti-slip soles work well on my hardwood floors. They're wide enough for American feet, unlike the ones made in England."
My new favorite shoes
"These are the most comfortable shoes I own. They took a couple of days to "break-in" and now I'm in love."
Abandoned my Adidas for these
"I got my first pair of time slippers that were the mid tops and was mind blown how comfortable they were and how good they look. People keep asking me what they were and I'd describe them the shoes and they would be blown away. When you walk with these they are so soft and the give is really comforting, it's hard to describe the feeling of relaxation when wearing them. I fell in love with that feeling so much I bought two more pairs of low tops so I can rotate what I'm wearing. No fumbling with laces at the airport or everyday varying degrees of tightness, slide em on and go. Great work keep it up!"
Pete Maletto
Love them so much
"Love them so much"
Lacie V.
SO comfortable!!!
"Excellent! These shoes are so stylish and comfortable! Love,love,love them!"
My new fave
"I originally bought these to wear to/from my yoga classes, however, they are so comfortable I never want to wear anything else! I will definitely be purchasing another pair! "
Shauna S.
Not bad, but if you have wider feet
"Great construction and look, but if your feet are a tad on the wide side, your toes are going to be squished. "
Jon H.
"These slippers are well built and comfortable. The service was outstanding too! Thank you!"
Richard K.
Take time to order them they are the Best!
"He loves them and wears them all of the time. Super comfortable and easy to slip on. "
Amazing Shoes
"Originally I ordered low tops and I’m normally an 8.5, but it fit too loose for my liking. When I went to reorder in a size down they were out of stock. I was afraid the mid top would be too tall. I’m SO glad I took the chance! They’re perfect especially when it’s a bit chilly. They end exactly where the top of my ankle ends. My pants don’t bunch up awkwardly like I was afraid of. I also only planned on wearing this shoes in my home. However, they’re so comfortable I never want to take them off! They’re also breathable, which for me is important cause my feet can sweat (gross). I need to order another pair that are just for indoors cause I can’t take these off. I forget I’m even wearing them. Best purchase I’ve made so far this year. "
Great for travel
"Thoroughly enjoying the shoe, as I am traveling and living out of a carry-on for 10 days, look nice and are comfortable walking around or going out for dinner. Only thing I’m not crazy about is there a little sloppy in the heel area, when worn as a shoe the edges in the back do not conform to your foot and stick out on the sides. Other than that, very happy. The staff was super helpful and exchanging the size as well."
Todd M.
Beautiful shoes
"These were great, but the color and fit was not for me. The low tops are everything and more! <3"
Steven F.
Time Slippers
"I am really enjoying my time slippers. They are very comfortable and warm and have a quick break in that shapes to your foot. I am very pleased with my purchase. "
simon p.
"Dig the quality of the materials and the design. After walking around for the past week, however, the bottoms of my heels are blistered. The size I ordered is snug but not too tight or too big so I'm not sure what's up."
Hey AB, So glad you like the materials! I'm sorry your feet are uncomfortable. The blistering is very strange. Haven't heard anything like that from a customer before. It doesn't seem like it is a fit issue because they are not too tight. Even if they were, it's unlikely that the friction point would be on the bottom of your foot. Have you ever had an allergy to natural wool before? That's the only thing I can think of that might be able to cause an issue like this. Feel free to reach out to us at info@timeslippers.com if there is anything we can do to help! Thanks for the honest review! - TIME Slippers
Pleasantly surprised
"I was skeptical about this. It’s just a bit of a wild idea but it works. I’m laying on my bed right now wearing sneakers... that are actually slippers... It feels wrong but it’s so right. Sadly, once I wear these outside I won’t be able to put my feet up on furniture which Kinda sucks. Overall, they are very nice. They look amazing. They are expensive, that’s the only downside. But if you’re a bit of a lazy person who hates putting on shoes but doesn’t want to look messy running errands, these will be your best friend."
Steven Lepore
"Easily the best slippers I’ve ever worn"
Best shoes I’ve ever worn!
"Love my TIME slippers! Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Great for travelling through airports- easy slip on/off, and they don’t set off detectors. Shoes are durable and practical. I’m ready to order my next pair!"
Craig T.
Best slippers EVER!!!!
"I will never wear another pair of sneakers again!!!!!"
So comfy!
"Very comfortable and stylish"
Timeslippers beat my expectations
"I am telling everyone about this company. Great product, great job shipping, great communication."
"Buying Timeslippers was a great experience! I bought one pair as a gift, they came right away and I loved them so bought another pair as a gift! Customer service is GREAT! Thanks Ryan and Timeslippers"
Stephanie F
"These are the most comfortable and stylish slippers I've seen. Love them!"
The slippers I wish I would have created!
"These slippers shoes rock! They are comfortable, easy to take on and off, can be worn with or without socks and are stylish. They go with just about anything from pajamas to slacks! You gotta try em!"
Absolutely love these
"They are very comfortable and I have recommended them to all my friends family. Already bought another pair. Love them"
Rigo Ruiz
Excellent product!
"Excellent product and fast shipping. Would recommend to everyone."
Sanja Brestovac
"Slips are awesome!"
Garth Cappy
Timeslippers to the rescue!
"Facebook served up a Timeslippers ad to me a few months ago, and I was intrigued because they didn't look like slippers at all. They looked like a sweet pair of kicks! Once I clicked on the link, I was immediately sold on the black and white pair for women. Unfortunately, my size was out of stock, so I put myself on the wait list. The minute I received the in-stock notice approx. 3 weeks later, I made the purchase and they arrived just a few days later. Let me tell you how much I love these. I adore them. I wear them every day - in the house as legit slippers; outside, to and from work; on the weekends for long walks with my dog...literally every day. They're so awesome. They feel like you're walking on feathered pillows. This Sunday, I made the mistake of wearing a pair of shoes I bought through another FB ad (called Greats) and I couldn't last for even a few hours in them. My feet are totally torn up with blisters now! My ONLY saving grace was that I had my sweet Timeslippers to wear for work the next day. Because of that incident alone, I just bought 2 more pairs today. I'll be wearing these for a while."
Katie Griffin
Highly Recomended.
"excellent process. Very easy, slippers shipped very quickly and the quality is superb. Definitely a repeat customer."
"I met a wearer of Time Slippers who absolutely raved about them so much & was so passionate, I had to get a pair for myself. Now I understand where his passion comes from. I got a pair of Mens Leather Slipper Mid Top in black leather about a month ago. And I can't take them off. I am on my feet all the time for work and fly a lot. I wear them with jeans, I wear them with a suit, they are so flexible & look brilliant. Also, they are killer for cruising through TSA at the airport with the ease of the back strap for getting on & off. Do yourself a favor and buy a pair, you will not regret it!"
Awesome slippers. Worth every penny.
"These slippers are awesome. Great fit, comfortable and easy to get on and off. Worth every penny. Highly recommend. I’m planning on buying another pair."